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Pinole Historical Society Meetings, Activities, and Programs

The Pinole Historical Society has suspended its in-person general membership meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic. When it is safe to resume these programs, we hope to continue meeting in September, November, February, and May (annual meeting) at 6:30 p.m. in conference rooms 2A and 2B of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building, 1301 Pinole Valley Road. All regularly scheduled meetings are open to members and guests. Please join us for spirited discussions, speakers, and historical presentations.

The Pinole Historical Society also hopes to resume these activities when it is safe to do so: the Veterans Day Memorial and Flag Retirement Ceremony (November 11), Pinole history programs in elementary schools, exhibits at the Pinole Library, and the Pinole history essay contest for children in Pinole’s elementary schools.

Pinole Historical Society Programs on YouTube

Looking for a good local history program to watch? Look no further than the Pinole Historical Society’s YouTube channel, created by Pinole History Museum board member Alec Jason, who reformatted more than a decade’s worth of PHS programs and uploaded them.

Among the most recent additions is the very popular Zoom program architect Mike Woldemar did for the society last July: THE MAN WHO BUILT PINOLE. Mike designed many buildings in Pinole during his long career, including the Pinole Youth Center, Del Monte Shopping Center, Pinole Depot Plaza, Crocketts Premier Auto Body and the Contra Costa County Animal Shelter, Pear Street Bistro, and Heritage Park, including site improvements and the rose garden for the Faria House.

Among the 40-plus videos include:
GEORGE VINCENT’S two walking tours of historic downtown Pinole.
THE PINOLE MURAL: Wells Fargo Bank produced this video about the history of Pinole. The mural hangs in the bank’s Pinole office on Fitzgerald Drive.
FIESTA DEL PINOLE 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965 parades, courtesy of PHS member Jim Payne.
AN INTERVIEW WITH TWO MAYORS: Former mayors Jack Meehan and Tom Cutino spin political tales and how they saved Fitzgerald Drive — and the sales-tax dollars its shopping centers produce — for Pinole.
WHAT’S IN A NAME?: How Pinole streets got their names, and the characters behind those names.
THE LOST CITIES OF THE EAST BAY, presented by author, historian, and college professor John Robinson.
THE HISTORY OF 610 QUINAN STREET, presented by Linda Lopes Rosedahl, the third generation of her family to live on Quinan Street.
THE PRESIDENTIAL ROSIES: Former Rosie the Riveters recount their World War II experiences at the Kaiser Shipyards and their 2014 visit to then-Vice President Joe Biden at the White House to get national recognition for the women who worked in the World War II shipyards and factories.
VETERANS DAY Memorial and Flag Retirement Ceremonies from 2008 to 2019.

To view these videos go to YouTube and enter PINOLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY in the search bar. Or Click here.

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